Para recibir clases por video conferencia (cloud meetings), ha(s) de tener un nivel actual de intermedio.

Your private one-to-one English language tuition, conversation, coaching and support in live sessions from your home, office or workplace—almost anywhere!

Use a headset with microphone and cable or fibre connection for high-quality sound.
Clases de ingles por Skype

Every lesson includes:

• Topics to help you reach your goals.
• Dynamic and engaging conversation.
50 minutes with a professional, qualified native English language teacher, tutor and writer.
• Questions, answers, teaching content and pronunciation coaching to boost comprehension.
• Support exercises and/or listenings between lessons, to maximise results.
• Bespoke sessions using communicative techniques, including elements of the Callan and Vaughan methodologies.
Excellent results with motivated students.

listen2Practical, efficient and CONVENIENT.

To help you make progress, you will receive a personalised and individually designed service – designed with your learning objectives and current level in mind.

Choose morning, late afternoon and some evening lesson times.

Mi Profe de ingles Villajoyosa Profesor particular ofrece clases particulares presenciales de ingles en Villajoyosa y La Cala y en todas partes de España mediante video conferencia

Cloud meetings are by Google Hangouts or Zoom, with the convenience of integration with your online calendar.

There is also an online classroom for written work.

Your guarantee of maximum quality: MiProfe uses a high-speed fibre connection.

Clases particulares de inglés
High-speed fibre; clear reception

Students include:

• IT consultants, software engineers and developers.
• Entrepreneurs and small businesses.
• Sales and customer service staff.
• Supervisors, team leaders, managers and directors.
• Accountants and accounting technicians.
• Hotel receptionists.
• Pilots, first officers, engineers, cabin crew.
• Plumbing, bathroom and electrical sales, including retail showrooms.
• Dentists (general practice, implantology and oral surgeons)
• Doctors and nurses
• Engineers (transport, logistics, electronics, hardware, oil refineries, etc.)
• Health & Safety Inspector
• Charity / NGO staff.
• Football team captain & players
• Banking and Finance
• University undergraduates.

google-hangouts Choose from various topics and language areas—business, technical, social, travel or conversation. Boost your vocabulary, confidence and pronunciation when speaking English, with a modern methodology including repeating new language. By following recommendations, you will develop your communicative skills, boost comprehension and increase fluency.

Video conferencing and audio calls using Google Hangouts, with messaging and screen sharingImprove your salary and future prospects — enjoy a higher chance of getting that important job, communicating with more new people and travelling with ease.

Written English

Receive personalised support with written work or reading comprehension practice. Develop effective, outstanding written business communication, or prepare for examinations and other objective(s).

In the intuitive state-of-the-art online classroom, you will have a choice of general, academic or business-related lessons and task assignments with notes. Choose from business communication, general English or Cambridge qualifications.

This innovative written work support service is also ideal for companies, managers and business students who want to create the right impression in their professional quality customer correspondence. 

Distance and blended learning with miprofedeingles English language teaching and tuition services in Villajoyosa, Spain
Develop your creative or examination writing skills outside your speaking, listening and teaching time in lessons.

To achieve the best overall results, one written work unit per block of lessons is mandatory for students on examination courses towards level B2 or higher.

Get started right now.
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